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The survival rate of childhood cancer, for 5 years, reached 80% after the progresion of cancer treatment in the last 20 years. Therefore cancer is a chronic disease that characterised by acute attacks. Systemic and oral complications increase with the increasing of life span. Infection risk, hospitalization period and treatment cost incerase with develping of oral complications during the treatment and after the treatment like pain, nutritional problems, disfagi, anorexia. And these factors effect treatment prognosis negatively. One to third of sepsis in all of these patients depends on oral infections. So, pediatric dentistry has an important role on cancer multydiciplinary treatment protocols. Dental approaches should be completed effectively in a short time according to medical history and treatment protocol. Although protective applications like oral hygiene education, diet regulation, flour application, prevention of trismus, lip care are same in all periods of cancer patients, additional applications are necessary in teratment steps. In our study we will check dental applications upto periods according to literatures


Childhood cancer;Dental application

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