An Evaluation of the Apical Seal in Oval-shaped Root Canals Prepared with Either Self-adjusting Files or ProTaper Files

Dilek Helvacıoglu-Yigit, Hasan Orucoglu, Tevfik Yavuz, Cavit Isik Yavuz, Ayca Yilmaz, Yusuf Nuri Kaba, Samet Ozden
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Objective: This study aimed to evaluate the apical seal obtained with lateral compaction of gutta-percha in oval-shaped root canals prepared with either self-adjusting files or ProTaper rotary files.

Materials and Methods: Twelve pairs of extracted mandibular premolars with oval-shaped root canals were randomly divided into two groups. The first group was biomechanically prepared with ProTaper files, while the self-adjusting file system was used in the second group. The roots were obturated using cold lateral compaction of gutta-percha. Apical microleakage was measured with the computerized fluid filtration method. The results were analyzed statistically using the Mann-Whitney U test.

Results: All of the roots in both groups showed leakage. Group 1 demonstrated significantly less microleakage (p < 0.05).

Conclusions: Instrumentation of oval-shaped canals using a self-adjusting file system with cold lateral compaction of gutta-percha demonstrated significantly greater apical microleakage when compared to ProTaper. The apical leakage with different obturation techniques, combined with self-adjusting files, should be evaluated in further studies.


ProTaper; self-adjusting file; oval-shaped canals; apical microleakage

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