3 ile 5 yıl arasında takibi yapılan dental implant başarısının geriye dönük olarak değerlendirilmesi

Nükhet Çelebi, Emrah Soylu, Zeynep Burçin Gönen, Osman Etöz, Erdem Kılıç, Alper Alkan
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Objectives: Dental implant treatment is acommon procedure for the rehabilitation of partiallyor fully edentulous patients. The aim of this studyis to evaluate dental implant successretrospectively.Materials and Methods: 549 dental implants in168 patients, who were treated between the years2006 and 2008, were included in this study. Thesuccess rate of implant therapy was evaluatedconsidering the site of implant placement, primarystability (PS), bone quality (BQ), one-stage (OS) ortwo-stage (TS) surgery, and the number of lostimplants.Results: 549 dental implants were applied to168 (72 Male: 96 Female)patients. The mean agewas 44. 16,5% of 549 dental implants (n:91) wereapplied to mandible anterior(MA), 34% (n:187)were applied to mandible posterior(MP),18,5%(n:102) were applied to maxilla anterior(MaxA) and 30,7% (n:169) were applied to maxillaposterior(MaxP). There were only three lostimplants. Two of the lost implants were applied toMP and the other one was applied to MaxP.Conclusions: According to the results of thisstudy, dental implant treatment has a high successrate.


Dental implant, retrospective.

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