Çocuklarda ve adolesanlarda periodontal hastalıklar

Metin Çalışır, Aysun Akpınar
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Periodontal diseases are frequently seen inchildren as in adults even though periodontaltissues of children differ from those of adults.Among the two most common periodontal diseases,gingivitis, compared to the periodontitis, is morefrequently seen in children. The initial phase of aperiodontal disease in a child may be a strongindicator of an advanced periodontal disease later inthe life of the child. Therefore, early diagnosis andtreatment of these diseases are important. If at-riskpatients and families are determined and specialtreatment programs are applied then the prevalenceof the periodontal diseases may be reduced in thesociety


Periodontal diseases, children andadolescents.

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