Maksiller sinüsle ilişkili aktinomiçes enfeksiyonu: vaka raporu

Saim Yanık, Bilal Eğe, Aydın Keskinrüzgar, Mutan Hamdi Aras, Sinan Ay
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Actinomyces are anaerobic Gram-positiveprokaryotic bacteria belonging to the familyActinomyceataceae. They can be found in calculus,periodontal pockets, carious lesions, oral mucosalsurfaces, upper respiratory tract, gastrointestinal,and female genital mucosa. Approximately 55-60% of actinomycotic infections in human areoriginated cervicofacial region. A. israelii is themain species responsible for the human disease.Actinomycosis involving the maxilla usually is seenas a localized intraoral infection in contrast toclassical cervicofacial actinomycosis. Formation ofdraining sinuses, local swelling, and pain are themost common presenting symptoms. We report acase of actinomyces infection that was localizedmaxillary molar tooth and association withmaxillary sinus in a 39 years old woman. Afterseven days antibiotic therapy surgical curettagetherapy was performed to patient. During monthlyrecalls for 3 months no recurrence was noted andthe infected area has been healed completely.


Actinomyces, maxilla, maxillarysinus.

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