A Rare Seen Pathogen in Complicated Skin-Soft Tissue Infection: Pasteurella bettyae

Seyit Ali Büyüktuna, Zeynep Banu Ramazanoğlu, Nazif Elaldı, Mustafa Zahir Bakıcı
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In this report, a case of complicated soft tissue infection by Pasteurella bettyae in a patient was presented in the light of literature. P. bettyae has been isolated from human Bartholin gland abscesses and human finger infections as well as ıt was isolated from urine, gastric aspirate and urethral discharge. Soft tissue infection caused by P. bettyae are uncommon. To the best our knowledge, this is the first study to report the low extremity soft tissue infection caused by P. bettyae.


Pasteurella bettyae; soft tissue infection, MALDI-TOF MS

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