FOXP3 Promotor Polymorphism (-3499 A/G) is not Associated with Osteoarthritis in a Turkish Population

Nilgun Cekin, Ergun Pinarbasi, Gonca Donmez, Aslihan Esra Bildirici, Zekeriya Oztemur, Serdal Arslan, Okay Bulut
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In this study we aimed to find out whether FOXP3 promoter region -3499A/G polymorhism was associated with osteoarthiritis in a Turkish population. The study group consist of 50 patients in 3rd stage and 100 patients in 4th stage osteoarthiritis and control group consist of 150 healthy individuals. FOXP3 genotypes were examined by PCR-RFLP methods.
Our results showed that there is no statisticially significant association between osteoarthiritis and FOXP3 -3499A/G polymorphism. The wild type AA genotype was 63%, polymorphic AG was 31% and GG was 6% in the control group, while they were 56%, 37% and 7% in the study group respectively. Moreover, osteoarthiritis was seen higher in women than that of men in our study which is compatible with the results of previous results.


FOXP3; Osteoarthritis; Promoter; Polymorphism

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