Tc-99m MDP uptake in soft tissue calcification in systemic scleroderma (crest syndrome)

Fadime Demir, Taner Erselcan, Bülent Turgut, Zekiye Hasbek, Ayşegül Özdal, Perihan Kelkit, Pelin Duman, Sibel Berksoy Hayta
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23-year-old female patient was referred for evaluation of a 2-mounts history of discharge from the wound at the right gluteal region with three-phase  Tc-99m MDP bone scintigraphy. The patient was diagnosed with scleroderma (SSc) five years ago.  A three-phase bone scan performed after intravenous injection of 20 mCi Tc-99m-MDP,  in early blood pool of blood supply period, matching the right gluteal region showed findings consistent with perfusion and hyperemia İn 3. Hr after late images three-phase bone scan increased radiopharmaceutical uptake was observed in both the knee region extending from the region proximal to the pelvic soft tissue. When assessed, calcification at soft-tissue in bilateral knees was seen in the patient’ s direct radiography of the both knees. Our goal in presenting this case is to demonstrate the contribution of bone scintigraphy to the detection of calcinosis in patients with scleroderma and to determine the prevalence of it in the body.

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